A successful project comes to an end


Charlene seems to say: “Yes!”
Yasemine smiles and seems to be glad.
And Ann-Marie Williams is happy as well.

It seems that these pictures of AGnovel will let us know that they recognised that a really interesting and extremly successful project – AGnovel – ist coming to an end. But this means that there is now the chance to use the tool to create more interesting advanced graphic novels for other purposes and target groups. This is a beginning!

Thanks, to all partners, thanks to all the many people who were involved or discussed the topic with us.
Currently, there are many people asking us to go on and to provide Europe with additional advanced graphic novel. This is an interesting task. And the extremly positive feedback in the evaluation as well as the demand which was articulated in the evaluation supports us in this direction.

We are really proud. Thanks to all of you!
A speacial thanks to the whole team.
And thanks to the great consortium.

Marc Beutner (Coordinator of AGnovel)