The project AGnovel

The project “Advanced Interactive Graphic Novels on mobile touch screen devices” is an international consortium situated under the Key Action 2 of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the EU. The duration of the project is 24 months.

Project partners are eight partners from seven countries Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Lithuania and Cyprus. In this case, the consortium consists of four universities, a research center, two regional education coordinators and a technology-oriented partner for innovative education programs.

The needs of the modern foreign language learners are changing. The focus of language learning was so far primarily on the reading and writing of texts and comprehension of language. However, with the rise of new media and the growing dependence on the Internet and the increasing amount of information in all areas of life, that is no longer enough. Learners must learn to interpret information in contexts, in which images,  tables and words come together to create the message. This can be  a special challenge for learners who use only the traditional language learning methods. The aim of the AGnovel project is to support the learners with an innovative learning environment.

The aim of the project AGnovel is to create a modern learning environment appropriate for language learning. This is realized by designing a concept of electronic Graphic Novels for vocational education and training which can also be used in the field of general education. The project partners developed a graphic novel, which is linked specifically to real-life situations and the profession. This will be implemented, tested and evaluated for mobile devices. The AGnovel will be translated into various European languages ​​partners to facilitate European-wide dissemination. The didactic aim of the project is to develop and establish a curricular structure and learning and teaching materials around the graphic novel.  A related didactic aim of the project is to establish a curricular structure for embedding the graphic novel in the classroom. This means designing AGnovel integrate directly into the classroom and to make teachers familiar with the guidelines and didactic scenarios for the use of IT.