Aims and Objectives

In AGnovel the consortium aims to create and put to use an innovative approach to foreign language learning by developing a new type of graphic novel that can be used on new mobile touchscreen devices like tablets. The goal is to take advantage of possibilities that new technology offers and expand the usefulness of graphic novels in language learning. The project AGnovel will create a blueprint and a showcase for an advanced interactive graphic novel that is enhanced with audio from native speakers. Learners will be motivated through a compelling story, which is easy to read and understand thanks to the illustrations that tell the story along with the text. The interactive elements will let the learner interact with the story in a way that lets him apply the learned content. This is a major difference from traditional graphic novels which only allow passive learning.

The consortium will have to determine the exact extent of advanced learning functions which might include audio, word lookup functions, interactive story elements, self tests, exercises, and journals, to name just a few examples. The work on the didactical concept will determine what is necessary to support the learning process efficiently while still making the product fun to use.

Objectives for the project are:
• Create a language learning tool that is fun and easy enough to use to work without instructions
• Create a blueprint and make it available so that other content providers can take advantage of the approach and publish their own advanced graphic novels electronically
• Actively get new content providers involved
• Prepare language teachers for using the tool in their classes
• Use the developed advanced graphic novel as a showcase and make it widely available to learners
• Publish the research and experiences gained from the project in academic circles
• Explore different ways of creating more advanced graphic novels after the project has ended