Coordinator presents AGnovel sucessfully


The coordinator of the AGnovel project, Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner, presented the APP, the materials and the tool to different learner groups as well as to students and teacher students. In all discussions the advantages of the use of mobile learning environment in school and in teacher training became very clear. The feedback on the graphic novel and the combination of addressed competences was really amazing. The learners,  the students and teacher students were very interested in possibilities to combine language learning, vocational learning and focussing on social competences as well as on cultural differences. The training course of AGnovel was a really helpful tool to get a clearer and useful impression about mLearning, the story of the graphic novel and the didactical background.

Prolongation of the AGnovel project

The AGnovel project was extended to the end of march 2016.
This longer duration makes it easier to do the testing of the AGnovel APP and the courses as well as the didactical materials much easier.

The testing in UK and Germany was already a great success. The testings in the other countries are starting.

Presentation of AGnovel on the fair: Perspektiven 2015

Many foreign language teachers and educators are visiting the fair “Perspektiven 2015″ where we presented today the AGnovel project. The fair has a focus on education and vocational education and takes place in Magdeburg, Germany at the 9th and10th of october 2015. The Chair of Business and Human Resource Education II of the  University of Paderborn is present at this fair and provides insights in the project AGnovel and the APP at a booth and also provided a presentation in the conference room.

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Evaluation questionnaire for the testing

To do an evaluation accompanying the testing of the AGnovel tool and the didactical material the AGnovel partnership uses an evaluation questionnaire which is now designed and checked.

It focusses on the use and acceptance of mobile learning as well as on elements of the AGnovel tool. The aim of the evaluation is to get more informations of the users about their needs and their experiences with the tool and the didactical environment.

The questionnaire will be used in the partner countries and is a basis for redesign opportunities. At the moment the questionnaire is used in UK and Germany while the testings. The testings in the other partner countries starts soon.

All evalutaion results will be compiled and used for further developments.


The testing starts

The testings in UK and Germany are starting at the moment. The AGnovel tool for language learning as well as the didactical materials are tested with learners.
The pretests which already run this year were very successful and we had really great feedback of learners and teachers. The pretests were used as a basis for the finalisation of the tool.

Now, all illustrations, audio files, and learning tasks are integrated and the testing can take place in each country. The other partner countries will start the testing phase in october and november 2015.


The AGnovel meeting in Granada has been started

Dear Readers,

the AGnovel meeting in Granada has been started today.
It is hosted by the university of Granada. The meeting is situated
directly at the university. Partners of all AGnovel countries are involved.
The prototype of the APP is presented at the meeting as well as first evaluation impressions.
The partners discuss the implementation of the APP, the important teacher trainings
and the didactical material of AGnovel.

The AGnovel team

AGnovel meeting about implementation and evaluation

Dear Blog-reader,

next week we will have the next AGnovel meeting in Granada, Spain.
The focus of this meeting is set on the implementation of the advanced graphic novel and the evaluation activities.

The first results from the tests  of the AGnovel prototype are very positive. Teachers as well as learners provided a really positive feedback. Moreover, they also gave some interesting hints and added some ideas which we will integrate in our implementation ideas.


We´ll keep you informed.

The AGnovel team